Top 5 Tools For Every Cryptotrader To 'invest In!

February 27, 2019 Quick read

Certain equitable tools can transform your business, drive sales growth in the right direction and make every cryptocurrency investment count.

The modern era has paved the way for digital innovations that have contributed to the crypto market in more ways than one can imagine. Crypto tools evolved for that very reason, the right tools have surged capabilities for crypto innovations to be more advanced and opened a lot of crypto trading gateways for investors enduring the impact of the crypto market every day.

With so many new possibilities shaping up for cryptocurrencies daily, it is vital that the crypto market keeps up with the other Fintech sectors in the rat race and does not struggle and stagger in the dust left behind by its competitors.

Crypto Tools: What They Mean

Investors need to invest. Traders need to keep trading. But to occupy more trading capabilities and engage more investors, we need certain tools that will make our cryptocurrency exchange process much easier than it seems.

With so many innovations taking remarkably new forms every day, analytical tools provide unbelievingly impressive competencies that have made trading so efficient, a feat that in every true sense is marvellous. Be it handling data effectively or tracking relevant crypto user information, crypto tools are mobilizing one digital sector at a time.

To prove its undying mettle, major cryptocurrency exchange platforms have introduced their own tools that effectively carry out complex analysis of various crypto ventures.

Let's have a look at our top 5 picks.


As an eager crypto enthusiast, if you just invest in a cryptocurrency without researching the million possibilities in store then you are headed in the wrong direction. Cryptocurrencies just like every other advancement need to explored and nurtured in warm waters so that they taste the sweet fruit of success instead of crashing and getting burnt. It is vital to maintain these crypto projects properly.

CryptoMiso allows an individual to check and understand the number of commits achieved by a crypto project in a particular frame of time. Commits tabulate the number of times the code is redesigned so that it can be updated on a timely basis. Basically, you can indulge in high-level tracking of the development activities taking place in a specific crypto project.

·       CryptoMiso puts into action more advanced approaches as it measures around 600+ cryptocurrencies, measuring frequencies every time an update is undertaken by the codebase.

·       The Lightning Network supports the platform of CryptoMiso to make major developments or minor improvements at an equal level.


Blockfolio is a portfolio tracking tool for Bitcoins and major other cryptocurrencies – It uses a signal for direct communication to be in flow with the current cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The app can maintain pricing of major cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Ethereum and Litecoin in real time by setting price signals giving a lot of investors, lots of reasons to Convert Litecoin Into Bitcoin.

A crypto user can discover, track and manage major cryptocurrency investments in a go to understand the ongoing market trends and being updated with how the cost basis calculations can make or break the real-time occurring online cryptocurrency exchanges.

A simple mobile application that monitors or tabs cryptocurrencies using an informative portfolio, Blockfolio records your multiple crypto ventures. The process is simple yet effective - The invested-in coins available on the app will evaluate the worth of your crypto portfolio on the basis of the involved amounts after the coins entryway. Moreover, you can be in charge of the crypto coins and carry real-time tracking of the various rate changes occurring during a currency investment.


Gekko is basically a crypto trading tool, an open-source trader that collects data in real-time and finish Cryptocurrency Exchanges or specifically, transactions. The tool makes use of real data to strategize and effectuate extensive crypto trading schemes.

A simple tool that can be used by entry-level beginners as well, Gekko allows a crypto user to minimize the imploring risks in a project.

Gekko is well-known to provide the following capabilities:

·       Execute current order successfully and in crypto time.

·       Get detailed results of data on a web interface.

·       Calculate the metrics of underlying risks and could-be profits.

·       Get a real time view of ongoing data operations.


Based on the concept of graphic visualization of Japanese candles, TradingView is generally used by crypto users especially Fintech system supporters who prefer the tool as is it so extremely easy to use.

A unique cryptocurrency trading platform, the tool tenders crypto users with a complete summary of the active crypto world in real time and traders can successfully achieve innovative ideas for market acquisitions. TradingView offers its community members insights on the various pricing news that creep up every day and carry out a bunch of crypto-centric projects profitably.

TradingView is well-known to provide the following capabilities:

·       Crypto enthusiasts can effectively use the Fibonacci series as a projection indicator to strategize solid investment tactics and get perceptive foresights for the market as desired.

·       A user can only receive informative updates that are filtered and fruitful from markets of choice.

·       Fellow amateur crypto users can gain a better understanding of the crypto market with uploaded comments and reviewed strategies by analysis of the technical aspects of the site that is pictured through chart portrayal.


One of the oldest tools to round up our top 5 picks of crypto tools, it is a great regulatory platform for blockchain and everything that crypto stands for!

The main objective of the site is to collect data in a sole package from several crypto resources such as crypto wallets, crypto coins, mined information, cryptocurrency exchanges and portfolios. Every coin and token is accurately described in an elaborate format making it simple for traders to understand the provided information.

A crypto user can get eventful insights on traditional currency exchange schemes and simply track the market rates and allotment of capitalization using the volume (size). Basically, CryptoCompare allows a crypto user to make a more informative decision regarding easy investments.

Crypto Tools: Our Final Take

2019 is all set to be the year of crypto. It is time that crypto finally redeems its status and crypto traders join the parade of curating brilliant investment strategies that will lead to a full blown-out crypto explosion of the good kind.

Crypto tools will guide investors to make decisions that will suit their crypto ventures by minimizing risks by large margins and profit their business in the future. In the end, the only traders who will emerge victorious will be the ones who decided to use these incredibly powerful crypto tools to create the most vibrant, smartest cryptocurrency exchange schemes to survive in an absolutely unstable yet moneymaking industry.