Cryptocurrency Usages: Can Digital Money Be Used In Real Life?

February 20, 2019 Quick read

Cryptocurrencies have taken the entire world in their wake by mobilizing industries one after the other to incorporate digital currencies as a currency substitute. Moreover, cryptocurrency's steady rise has been nothing less than monumental; the way Bitcoin bounced back to its feet was exemplary.

Everyday new cryptocurrencies make their way to the crypto market and with the way crypto is looking right now, there's no putting a stopper to awe striking crypto inventions.

And now as no other currency boasts of decentralized technology, Cryptocurrency Exchanges craze is tenfold and justified as people have adopted its brilliance to trade cash and have active transactions on the go. As amazing as cryptocurrency sounds, what most people do not understand is that there is more to cryptocurrency than that which meets the eye. Cryptocurrencies have real life usages and there is no denying that, infact cryptocurrency has so many competencies which when explored in the right way, could bring about an unprecedented revolution that could topple fiat currency and shut down regulated organizations.

Currently, there are numerous industries out there that deal in cryptocurrency transactions and are using crypto to their full advantage. Let's have a look.

·       Travel Industry

Surprisingly, people still do not know that cryptocurrencies can actually be used as coins. Yes, you heard that right. The travel industry joined the bandwagon and has integrated cryptocurrency payments as an alternative to ensure that no traveller ever runs out of cash. is one such travel website that decided to accept cryptocurrency payments and hence established their name as a travel company that was much ahead in the race than its competitors.

Embedding Bitcoin as a cash payment system that is fast and reliable, a lot of travel enthusiasts now have no hassles in booking flights, cars, cruises, metros and hotels in a go.

With Bitcoins in your hand, you now have the world at your hands!

·       Education Industry

Education institutes around the world are also making their mark and turning over the way finance matters are dealt with in these esteemed academies. Universities in countries like United States, Germany and Switzerland have now cited sites like Futurism on their websites and officially accept Bitcoins as a fee paying currency.

As now convenience is listed as the biggest priority for most people and no other currency is as flexible as cryptocurrencies are, a lot more people are resorting to this comparatively less popular means to carry out transactions for education purposes.

Recently Cyprus was in news as the University of Nicosia became the first accredited university in history to accept Bitcoins for every fee payment be it for tuition or registration by the means of Bitpay.

·       Real Estate

If we are being honest then we can say this without a trace of doubt - Houses are expensive! For some, imagining to buy a house seems unrealistic as it literally costs an arm and leg. But now that cryptocurrencies are in business, you can now finally buy a house using crypto.

Right now, there are a lot of real estate companies that allow you to actually achieve this on an international site like Propy where people can now buy any house they desire by making their payment using cryptocurrencies.

To top it all, Blockchain is the secret that made this dream a reality!

·       Fast Food Restaurants

Leaving no stone to be unturned, fast food restaurants are also opting for cryptocurrencies as a payment gateway to up their revenue and increase their acts of business. It all started when one of the very first Bitcoin transactions took place because of food.

One of the most popular food chains in the fast food industry, Subway has successfully implemented cryptocurrencies a payment system to drive more business. Pizzaforcoins is one such company that acts like a trading giant for fast food companies to rack up money using cryptocurrencies.

What's next?

One thing is clear; crypto has a lot of tricks up its sleeves and is not looking to slow down anytime soon. With limitless potentials in store, Online Cryptocurrency Exchanges will keep proving their mettle and maybe it's time that everyone understands that crypto can make real life a breeze only if one gives it the chance.

Go for an exchange that's reliable as well as id simple to access to get crypto trading and make real life well, easy-peasy and crypto breezy!