Here’s a brief history about Dash coin

February 17, 2019 Quick read

Dash is a fairly new cryptocurrency. Released on the 18th of January 2014 by Evan Duffield, Dash is a currency which first confirms the transaction between the buyer and seller before actually executing it. There is no place for a third party in the transaction. As of now, you can Exchange Dash  for other cryptocurrencies on the Online Cryptocurrency Exchange with a value that is determined purely by market forces without any interference of any central authority.

Dash was first named as ‘Darkcoin’ and was then renamed Dash on 25th March 2015. After the launch of Dash, 1.9 million coins were mined by March 2017.

At the time of launching of Dash, many cryptocurrencies in the market were subject to scams. However, Dash was able to survive all these scams and gain goodwill on the trust of its investors. Currently, Dash has a team of 50 employees which help it to resolve many issues related to the currency. Dash has, over the period of time, solved many issues like the increase in block size, decentralized governance and slow confirmation times.

You can transact with Dashcoin using the Masternodes. There are two ways of doing this- the fiest way, ‘InstantSend’ needs a concensus of masternodes to validate a transaction. Here there is no mining involved. On the other hand, ‘PrivateSend’ allows users to execute a transaction using unspent Dashcoins ensuring its untracability.

Currently, the whole market capitalization of Dash is worth $1.4 billion and an average of $100 million of Dash is traded every day. There has been a renewed interest in investing in Dash as against other cryptocurrencies due to the fact that Dash can be mined much more easily than other cryptocurrencies. Due to the ease of its availability, Dash has become one of the most sought after coins in the cryptocurrency world.