Five Things To Be Kept In Mind Before Making A Monero (XMR) Investment!

January 12, 2019 Quick read

Monero (XMR) is a digital currency, a remarkable asset for the crypto market that aims to achieve privacy, fungibility and decentralized networks. As brilliant as Monero is, it's only right to understand if it's worth investing in or not.

Time and time again, cryptocurrencies are proving their mettle with incredible monetary innovations. In recent years, Monero (XMR) has been one such cryptocurrency which has adeptly crawled up the rankings and been received well by the crypto enthusiasts who were looking forward to a crypto redeemer. Today, Monero Exchanges are being transmitted faster than one can say, "crypto".

Cryptocurrencies are driven with a huge responsibility - To cater to the privacy needs for people looking to be invested in crypto exchanges. The trend that was set by Bitcoin inspired other cryptocurrencies to follow lead and innovate mechanisms that provide superior private, crypto schemes. Monero's value sits at a lesser position than that of Bitcoin, let's go over five things to be kept in mind before making a Monero investment.

1. Monero's Achievement

Introduced in April 2014, Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that was aimed to be more fungible and super private. Monero's technology is based on ring signature techniques and exerts stealth addresses to mask the identities of both the parties that are involved in the exchange.

In the case of ring signatures, Monero's blockchain scouts possible public keys to be merged with any user's account keys. A 'ring' of potential signers take form once the two keys have been merged, no outsider or fraudster can break in as it is near impossible to link the address back to the user. Cryptography technology is progressing day by day, the newer cryptography mechanisms are unreliable and still taking structure. At a time like this, Monero has swooped in and rejuvenated crypto by offering supreme security.

Apart from utilizing ring signatures, Monero also is a benefactor for maintaining every user's privacy using random stealth addresses fabricated every time for the recipients that a transaction takes place.

2. Monero's Secret Weapon: Fungibility

Monero (XMR) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that tenders Monero users with excellent security, a fungible asset to maintain crypto privacy on the go. With fungibility, every particular section of Monero can be swapped with another section; the coins are valued for the same price.

The thing about Monero is that it cannot be traced back to the people involved, it's implausible. It is difficult for traders to make out one Monero coin from the other; this is a big win for Monero as privacy is made a major priority and yet XMR is steadily being embraced by the Dark Web. The popularity of Monero by Dark Web platforms has observed a steady rise in the approval of crypto users.

The level of fungibility is high in Monero, a huge reason why Monero traders are so fond of this cryptocurrency and agree on unit acceptance on the basis of its previous exchange history.

3. Multifarious Monero (XMR) Exchanges

Just like every other cryptocurrency, Monero exchanges are centred around the same mechanism where crypto users can easily buy or sell coins on a lot of existing crypto exchange platforms. The most commendable feature of Monero is that it's easier to Convert Monero To Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, just by a tap on the smartphone.

Cryptocurrencies seem to follow in the footsteps of each other quite a lot, Monero can be used by crypto enthusiasts to mine blocks allowing any one who desires to connect with mining pools or do it singularly. Monero does not need any particular hardware such as ASIC to undertake any mining procedures; it simply incorporates the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm to expose the to-be-mined Monero lines so that more parties can take part in the mining schemes.

Monero's block reward for mining is brilliant and the recorded hash rate, outstanding. No matter what, miners can always benefit from Monero and keep the blockchain secure all the while.

4. The Unpredictability of Monero (XMR)

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, the values of various digital currencies have faced severe volatility and the crypto market has faced the brunt of it every now and then. Monero is no different; the value of XMR has been highly volatile experiencing an all time high by a stellar 65% and is increasing day by day.

When it started out in 2015, Monero was only at $0.25. Today, Monero is valued at as much as 60$, an astounding feat to be achieved so soon. Monero analysts believe the reason why Monero has lesser credibility is because of the volatile nature of the price, however, traders benefit from this as they can effectively buy Monero using fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Investors are investing, traders are trading and bankers are banking on Monero. In the end, everyone is making a profit most days. It's safe to say that Monero can be used to lend support to other cryptocurrencies.

The dark web markets have embraced Monero with open arms and it is also being noticed all around the world by crypto users vying to deal in private cryptocurrency exchanges.

5. Future of Monero (XMR)

Cryptocurrencies are taking major strides as digital exchanges are becoming more popular day by day. Although in its infancy, there is lot more in store for Monero.

The price fluctuations of Monero entirely fall back on the status of its demand, the need for supply and its advancement rate. Crypto merchants are making good use of cryptocurrencies making way for the supply of Monero to become surplus, however, the demand for the popular currency is still obscure.

Crypto analysts consider this favourable and believe the dubiety that Monero poses could reel in more investors who love contemplating over the numerous future outcomes for the currency, which in turn could surge Monero's value.