Here are some of the blogs which invoked a lot of interest in the month of November

December 01, 2018 Quick read

With just a month to go for 2019, 2018 has been a somewhat disappointing year for cryptocurrencies. Most of the cryptocurrencies are trading way below the historic highs that were seen in 2017. However, there is nothing much to worry as this is just a phase which will change, leading experts say. It is expected that Bitcoin and other cryptos will gain immensely in the months to come in 2019. Whatever the future, the prospect of cryptos getting you amazing returns will always be there, just as is the case with stocks.

During the month of November, we have published a variety of blogs with invoked a lot of interest amongst our users, let us see some of them in brief.

Want to invest in cryptocurrencies? Here is why Litecoin is a viable option

Ever since Bitcoin gained immense value in 2017, the media has gone gung ho about how Bitcoin is one of the best ways to park your money for investments. However, it is not only Bitcoin that can get you good returns, Litecoin, an altcoin or alternative cryptocurrency has gained 7000 percent since it was launched. This article shows why it is a viable option to invest in Litecoin.

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Thinking of Bitcoins? Here are 3 ways of getting them

You can buy Bitcoins in three ways- mining them, buying them and earning them. This article explains in detail how it is possible to get Bitcoins in these three ways. This is especially useful for novice investors who want to invest in Bitcoin but do not know how.

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Factors influencing Liquidity of Bitcoins

Just as is the case with forex or the stock market, Bitcoins too are extremely liquid investment options. However, this liquidity can be influenced due to a number of factors. This article explains the reasons that influence the liquidity of Bitcoin.

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Buying Virtual Currency? Here is what you need to know before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange

Whenever you choose to invest in a cryptocurrency, you need to do so with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange. There are many such exchanges available, however, you got to choose one based on your requirements. This article explains to you what you need to look at before zeroing on a crypto exchange.

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3 reasons why you should consider buying Dogecoin

Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency created as a joke has exceeded expectations and is currently worth $60 million with over 113 million coins in circulation.  Though this cryptocurrency has been belittled earlier, it has withstood market crashes and generated decent returns. This article shows how this coin is beneficial to you if you decide to invest in it.

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Here is why Monero mining is becoming popular amongst cryptocurrency miners

There is a lot of competiton to mine cryptocurrencies from the blocks. This sometimes discourages potential miners from solving the mathematics and algorithms for mining. However, it is not only Bitcoin that needs to be mined. Monero is also a cryptocurrency that has seen a good fan following ever since it was launched four years ago. Mining it is a little easier than Bitcoin. This article shows you just how you can mine Monero and why it has become popular amongst crypto miners

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