How to Speed Up Your Stuck Bitcoin Transactions?

August 19, 2018 Quick read

The Bitcoin is regarded as one of the best cryptocurrencies on the planet because of its market reputation. That market reputation was created based on the profit that it helped the investors to generate. The Bitcoin is the most invested cryptocurrency amongst all of the cryptocurrencies. Apart from being the favourite cryptocurrency of investors, it is also the first cryptocurrency ever. This makes Bitcoin the father of all cryptocurrencies.

The fact that Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency makes it a primitive technology when compared to other emerging cryptocurrency. But even though Bitcoin is old, it is robust and completely secure for the investors. Hence Bitcoin is not just the best cryptocurrency because of its age, but it is best because of its capabilities and potential. Therefore, there are many investors who are continuously transacting Bitcoin which makes certain traffic in the system which eventually slows down the transaction speed. The overload of transaction crowds the Blockchain making it harder for nodes to verify the transaction.

As the Bitcoin transactions are slower because of the crowded Blockchain, the investors need an accelerator which can speed up the transactions. As investors of cryptocurrencies, there are many aspects of the market that you have to consider and the time is one of those aspects. And a transaction accelerator can help you save a significant amount of time on a transaction. Here are some ways that can help you speed up your Bitcoin exchange of transaction.

Bitcoin Afterburner

This Bitcoin transaction accelerator was created by the same company that created the Sumourai Wallet. The Bitcoin Afterburner is an open source wallet unity designed to get your stuck transaction confirmed as soon as possible. The user has to import their existing wallet on which the transaction is stuck to the Bitcoin Afterburner. The afterburner works on almost all receiving and sending transactions. The user has to tap on the stuck unconfirmed transaction and accept the fees and within a few blocks, the stuck transaction will be accomplished.


The ViaBTC is a free transaction accelerator for the Bitcoin community for speeding up stuck transactions. This platform doesn’t need any sign in or log in details for work. Although it is completely free, there is a paid option in case of emergencies. To work with ViaBTC your stuck transaction should include a fee of at least 0.0001BTC/KB, any less than this, the ViaBTC don’t entertain. The ViaBTC can accelerate 100 transactions per hour, exceeding upon which you have to avail the paid service.


The provides the services of Bitcoin transaction in cooperation with other mining pools. Even though the fee structure was quite high during the massive Bitcoin market surge back in December 2017, the general fee structure revolves around $5-$10. This online platform can increase the probability of confirming the transaction within 1 hour to 75% and within 4 hours to 98%. But if the transaction is delayed to 12 hours, the total fee is refunded. Hence BTC.Com is really helpful for accelerating stuck Bitcoin transaction.

The technological advancements in the cryptocurrency sector make it necessary for technologies like Afterburner to prosper. Even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are trying to make the technology better, it might take time. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin from any Online Bitcoin Exchange platform, don’t hesitate or be discouraged that the transaction might get stuck. You can use the above-mentioned tools to accelerate any stuck transactions.