Complete Survey of Bit-coins

August 15, 2018 Quick read

The Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency in the market in the regards of market cryptocurrency and the technology that they employ. The Bitcoin is regarded as one of the safest cryptocurrency where the investors can secure their investment. The Bitcoin is an in-demand cryptocurrency because of the fact that it is rare and there are many investors that are ready to pay any amount for Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The reason that Bitcoins are so much in demand is that of its limited supply and circulation. Apart from that, there are many Bitcoin cryptocurrency that is lost. And because the Bitcoin uses Blockchain, the coins cannot be corrupted, replicated, or even sent to the other user without the system’s knowledge.  Hence the Bitcoin has a limited supply of cryptocurrencies and there is a limited amount of Bitcoin in circulation.

As an investor, you should have complete detail on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency coins. The total crypto coins in the market will allow you to make a detailed decision on your investment in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Since Bitcoin is a profitable cryptocurrency, here is a complete survey on the coins of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Total number of Bitcoins

This is the first question that is asked by investors prior to investing in Bitcoin. In actual terms, only 21 million coins can be ever supplied by Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This number is strictly maintained by the protocol and algorithm that governs Bitcoin which was ironically designed and integrated by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Hence the Bitcoin has only a finite supply of coins that can be traded among investors.

In circulation

Although the Bitcoin has 21 million coins of total supply, there are only around 17 million Bitcoins in circulation. The exact amount in circulation is 17,207,062 BTCs. As there are over 17 million BTC mined and total coin supply halves every four years, the last Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140. Henceforth, no new Bitcoin will ever be mined. But out of 17 million coins, only limited coins are accessible to the general users.

Total coins left in circulation

Even though there are over 17 million Bitcoins mined, not all Bitcoin is accessible to traders. A significant amount of Bitcoin was lost in the time of trading over the years. According to research from a prominent cryptocurrency media platform, over 4 million coins are lost and are irretrievable. Due to the rarity of the Bitcoin, every user in the crypto space remains excited regarding the total coins in circulation and the number of coins mined.

Bitcoin remained to mine

The simple math suggests that there are over 4 million Bitcoins that are yet left to be mined. And due to the regulation and protocol of Bitcoin, the circulating coins are halved in every 4 year period, which will extend the mining process of remaining Bitcoin to over a hundred years. Considering that the lost coin rate has been significant, the investors are becoming much more vigilant regarding their investment.

The trading of Bitcoin is approached with complete etiquettes and standard trading procedure. The investors are now used to buying Bitcoin online under the standard market rates and are securing the cryptocurrencies in their respective wallets. If you are willing to Buy Bitcoin Online, then make sure that you research the market properly and then make the investment.