Review and Market Dynamics of Monero Coin

August 03, 2018 Quick read

The Monero coin is one of the profitable cryptocurrency that has attracted many investors. The advanced system of Monero has enabled many features that a standard cryptocurrency should have. Even though Monero is a comparatively new coin, it has attracted many new investors over the years that have helped them reel in more profit. Monero is completely different cryptocurrency than the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

The market of Monero became a multi-billion dollar market swiftly after they got introduced in the market. The market capital of Monero is around $2 billion USD which puts it on the list of top 20 cryptocurrencies in the world. The price of one Monero is around $130 dollar which attracts more investors. Apart from the market benefits, Monero has many technological benefits such as complete anonymity that can be more beneficial for the users.

Monero had many good reviews because of the services that it has provided to its users for a long time. As an investor, if you wish to invest in Monero then it is important to get a detailed review on Monero and understand the market behaviour of Monero which will prevent you from any loss. Hence here is a detailed review and a market analysis of Monero that will you know Monero coin in a better way.

Monero history

The Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that was founded back in 2014. The main focus of Monero was on the anonymity and decentralization of the cryptocurrency. They figured that people will appreciate a completely private coin which is secured and they were right. The Monero coin got its glory in a short period of time which was considered remarkable considering that Bitcoin the first of its kind took over a decade to be profitable. This gave Monero a faithful and loyal user base which then became the reason for their success.

Monero Vs altcoins

Monero itself is an altcoin but there are many factors that make Monero completely different than other altcoins. The Monero coin was focused on the security part since the beginning and hence it is now considered as a really secure cryptocurrency. The Monero coin gives its clients a private and untraceable currency that is completely controlled by the owner of the asset. They don’t allow government policies to influence the Monero coins in spite of their attempts to infiltrate the cryptocurrency space. Hence Monero gives the complete control of their assets to their clients that only other altcoins promise about.

Monero price prediction 2018

The market graph of Monero was at its peak at the end of the year 2017 which has rapidly gone down ever since. The Monero coin has a great potential which can raise itself to the same position in the given time. That is exactly what it happened in the April of 2018 where there was a significant price surge. The prices went further down in July of 2018 which is good news for the investors because this gives the Monero buyers to buy Monero coins before the next price surge. The investors can buy the Monero coin when the prices are low and can sell the Monero coin when the next price surge occurs. Hence there will be more price surges in the following months of 2018 where you can sell your Monero coins gradually.

Here are the Monero coin review and a detailed prediction of Monero coin in the year 2018. There are few ideas in the Monero price prediction that can help you gain profit. You can buy Monero coin from Monero Exchange platforms that can be deposited directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. Hence before you invest in Monero, make sure to conduct an extensive research on Monero to prevent any loss. Happy Investing!