How To Make The Most Of Bitcoin Wallets And Bitcoin Exchange?

July 24, 2018 Quick read

The cryptocurrency trading industry is multi-billion dollar enterprise that has millions of investors investing in the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency business has really taken off now with Bitcoin leading the pack. The current market capital of Bitcoin is nearly $111 billion USD which put it in the list of number one cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin being the number one cryptocurrency has also attracted many hackers and attackers who target Bitcoin users for their cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin employs many extensive measures that are efficient enough to protect the users from any attacks during transactions, the part where you secure your funds is still vulnerable. To tackle this problem Bitcoin and other platforms came together with a solution of a secure digital wallet where you can store Bitcoin. Apart from that many online crypto exchange platforms made the process of buying these cryptocurrencies easier.

The complete success of buying and storing your Bitcoin totally depends on the platform that you trust. Hence here are some of the tips and suggestions for appropriate platform selection that can help you secure your investment.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The exchange platforms are the main source for investors to buy Bitcoin. As Bitcoin is a prominent cryptocurrency, it is not hard for all the platforms to facilitate online Bitcoin exchange, considering they make most of their business by exchanging Bitcoin for their users. In spite of easy availability, the security of Bitcoin exchange is what all the investors should focus on. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that are less prone to security and safety. Such exchange platforms should be completely avoided to secure your crypto transaction. There are many cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can make your exchange in the most secure manner.

Evonax is one the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are available in the market. This exchange platform uses many security measures to keep the exchanges secure and private. The website provides SSL certification to restrict any third party data access. They also use e-mail confirmation to make sure that the transactions are done by user’s consent. If you are looking for online cryptocurrency exchange then Evonax is a one-stop exchange for many cryptocurrency exchanges including Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

After the exchange, many investors keep their funds in the exchange platform wallets. Although some wallets are really good, there are many platforms that have poor security on their wallets. This problem is tackled by many platforms that provide wallets for digital currencies out of which some are designed specifically for Bitcoin. There are two types of wallets namely cold storage wallet and hot storage wallet. Both these wallets are designed to keep the cryptocurrencies safe from any threats. These wallets are also designed to preserve cryptocurrencies from getting corrupted or even disintegrating.

If you are an investor who is looking to secure your cryptocurrencies there are tons of cryptocurrency wallets that are designed specifically for storing Bitcoin and here are some of the best one the experts recommend.

-          Bitcoin core

-          Bitcoin Knots

-          Digital Bitbox

-          Simple Bitcoin

Each of these cryptocurrency wallets is designed to specially support Bitcoin storage and protection.

Here are some of the tips and suggestions about various cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges that will help you keep your investment secure. There are many veteran investors who are using the above-mentioned platforms for exchanges and storage. If you use them for your investment needs then you can prolong the safety time of your funds.