Evonax Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Review

July 19, 2018 Quick read

The cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been a major crypto coin buying platform for investors for so many years. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market and these cryptocurrencies need a robust platform for the investors to trade their crypto investments. Several cryptocurrency exchange platforms have evolved to support many cryptocurrencies for exchange. One such cryptocurrency exchange platform is Evonax.

Evonax is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based out of Denmark and operating around eight countries that serve cryptocurrency investors from all around the world. Evonax serves as a platform that simply fills the gap between cryptocurrencies and investors. They have a fast and secure service which makes it easier for the investors to avail of their services.

This cryptocurrency exchange platform has been around for over four years in which they have made many loyal customers. The investors find this exchange platform really helpful since it has helped them to gain the competitive edge in the crypto trading field.

The Exchange

The exchange of cryptocurrency is completely secure and the interface of the website is really easy. This makes Evonax a great crypto exchange partners for many investors around the world. The data of the user is asked to complete the transfer which is kept safe. The total crypto fund is delivered in the given address in time. A minimal amount is charged for the services which is deducted from the funds that the user receives.


The security of Evonax is state of the art where the data is protected by top-level encryption on the database. The complete transaction is ensured by the platform by sending confirmation mail on the given id. The website itself is protected with SSL encryption which is meant to discourage any data theft or spy attacks.


The process of a transaction is completely made known to the customer through confirmation e-mails. Apart from that the user can even track the transaction and keep notes on the process. Evonax has a zero exchange fee in the industry. The process of Evonax is the simplest exchange process in the market. The user doesn’t have to register to avail the exchange services and apart from that the user will have complete anonymity.


Evonax provides services in many cryptocurrency exchanges. Evonax currently supports the following altcoins namely Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Dogecoin. Apart from the altcoins Evonax also provides their users the opportunity to buy bitcoin online in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

In a nutshell, Evonax is a modern exchange platform for digital currencies that will provide the users with the opportunity to make their investment more fruitful with their security, speed, and easiness. There is a long string of happy customers of Evonax who still thanks them for their services at their crucial time.