How to keep your Bitcoins safe from any hacking threats?

June 05, 2018 Quick read

The Bitcoin is a crypto coin that has made striding development in the past decade. The business of Bitcoin is a multi-billion dollar business now which has several investors interested in the cryptocurrency. The main fact that has helped users establish their trust in Bitcoin is the technology that governs Bitcoin. This technology is widely known as the Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain technology was founded along with Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, the idea of Bitcoin was originated from Blockchain. The developers of Blockchain wanted a secure platform for fund transfer that was made possible by them through Blockchain and Bitcoin. The security of Blockchain is recognized as one of the advanced technologies of security in the market. People have complete faith in the capabilities of Bitcoin and its Blockchain.

Even though Bitcoin itself is safe, doesn’t mean that the coins that you have bought or mined remain secure on your device. There are many people who also have eyes on Bitcoin and its earnings but have no good intentions to buy it legally. These people eventually attack users with Bitcoin and steal the coins from the system with low security. This has become a great problem for people and has discouraged them to invest in cryptocurrencies. Here are some tips that will help you secure your Bitcoins and will ensure that the damage remains to a minimum in any events of cyber attack.

Cold Storage Wallet

The cold storage Wallet is one of the efficient ways to protect your Bitcoins from the eyes of attackers. This wallet is completely offline and is stored in a hardware that makes it less susceptible to any hacking attempts. This hardware wallet is just like a USB device that has an interface to view the balance in the device and status of other cryptocurrencies in the device.


The backup of the data regarding the total balance, the transactional details should be maintained. This will help you assess your total earnings and amount that you have to spend on any resources. Backing up your data will alert you when there are any suspicious activities in your account. Some attackers steal your Bitcoin little by little so that you don’t have any idea if there are a few coins missing. If you have a backup of your data you can know about these little disappearances and can strengthen your wallet where you store your Bitcoins.

Multi-signature Login

Make sure that your wallet is completely secure and is protected by multiple login signatures that will ensure the security of the Bitcoin inside the wallet. There can be two passwords, where one will allow you to read the data and the other will allow you to write or update any data in the wallet. This will set up an extra wall in front of any intruder and will protect your coins from any threats.

Software wallets

Apart from the cold wallets, there are hot wallets that are the total opposite of cold wallets. These wallets are connected to the internet and are governed by standard encryption standards. The software wallets are much faster compared to other hardware wallets. You can pay for stuff directly from your software wallet. These wallets can be useful to store small amounts of coins that can be used for regular use. If any attacker reaches your software wallet somehow, they will only have access to a small amount rather than your complete income.

Here are some tips that are helpful to secure your Bitcoin from any online threats. If you are still concerned about Bitcoin, then use these methods and secure your investments. You can Buy Bitcoin online from exchange platforms or other trusted resources. Bitcoin is a beneficial investment that has influenced many investors in a positive manner.