2015 year in review

January 01, 2016 Quick read

2015. What a year! This year has been a great one for Evonax.com with lots of new users from all over the world. The cryptocoin community has evolved a lot over the course of 2015 and has become an everyday payment solution for lots of users across the globe. You guys are doing more and more exchanges each day, which clearly shows that cryptocoin payments has become a payment method which more and more user prefer, when sending money online.

2015 has shown that cryptocoin payments has proven itself to be a viable method to transfer money over large distances and that cryptocoins are here to stay.

Below you’ll find some exciting numbers from the year 2015 here at Evonax.com.


Percentage of exchanges which included Feathercoin - the least popular coins - as one of the coins.


World-first features launched (Repeat exchanges, PayPal exchanges without sign-up and Bank exchange without sign-up).


Email newsletters sent.


Percentage of users on a mobile device (smartphones or tablets). This percentage increased from 11% in January to 22% in December!


Percentage of users from USA - the country with most users.


Average exchange amount in USD.


Percentage of users from Europe - the continent with most users.


Average response time in minutes for support tickets.


Percentage of exchanges which included Bitcoin - the most popular coins - as one of the coins.


Percentage of users on a desktop.


Number of countries we have served users from.


Code commits.


New facebook likes.


New signups for our newsletter.


Emails sent to us over the year. We love getting in touch with you guys, and you have kindly sent us lots of requests for new features and coins as well as general feedback on the service. Keep doing that!