Removing support for Repeat exchanges

December 11, 2015 Quick read

Back in March 2015 we launched Repeat Exchanges and we were very excited to make life for miners a lot easier.

However, continuously scanning all deposit addresses for new transactions, added a heavy load on the system, causing the system to run slower for all users and was at times very unstable and unreliable and did not deliver the good customer experience we want to provide for our users.

We accepted the extra load in the beginning, but since not many users are using the feature, we have concluded that the extra load on the system is not beneficial to the majority of users.

Therefore, we decided to stop support for Repeat Exchanges on January 1st 2016, which means we will no longer scan for Repeat Exchanges after this date. Removing features is a tough decision. However, we are looking forward to focus more on the core features, developing new features and providing good support for all our users.