[Press Release] Evonax.com - easy, fast and anonymous crypto coin exchanges

October 27, 2014 Quick read

Evonax.com is the one thing missing from the cryptocurrency world - easy, fast and anonymous exchanges of the most popular crypto currencies.

For more than a year we have been working on an exciting new online service to fill the gap between the different crypto coins and the many crypto coin users out there. Evonax.com’s mission is to provide a fast, secure and anonymous way to do exchanges between the most popular crypto coins through a simple and user-friendly system.

The service also enables users to make Bitcoin payments on other websites with other currencies.

Pure simplicity: No registration and total anonymity

One of the main ideas behind crypto coins is that the users identity is protected. Evonax.com lives up to that by not requiring any information about the user but the user can see all details about who we are. Not the other way around. The result is complete transparency for the user while still staying anonymous.

No sign up, validations or messy experiences

To us the idea of crypto coins means convenience and simplicity that do not play well with complicated user registration forms - so we simply left that part out. The result is a simple and convenient way to exchange coins without any kind of registration or sign up and with minimal waiting time. We have used hundreds of hours optimization the exchange flow making it as user-friendly as possible.

Once in a while big things happens and once in a while revolutions happens. Crypto coins is one of those revolutions. The world of crypto coins are changing the way we think of money and never has so much changed so fast. But we are not quite there yet. Even though many websites provide services to exchange and trade different crypto coins, they all compromise in different ways. We think that’s a shame. We want to join the revolution and rethink they way crypto coin exchanges are made.

- Poul Thyregod, founder & CEO, Evonax.com

Instant transfer - as it was meant to be

When the user no longer needs to go through complex registration processes and validation of personal documents it becomes possible to make instant exchanges. We will carry out the exchange as quickly as the network can confirm the transactions. In other words: We do not add any extra time to the transactions making them as instant as possible.

No fees

What you see is what you get. Predicting miner fees in a cryptocurrency transaction is almost impossible. To make the exchange as easy as possible, we do not add any miner fees to the exchange. The amount you see is the amount you get. This makes it very easy to see exactly how much to receive.

The future

Our goals are clear. We will be the leading and most user-friendly crypto coin service in the world. In the next months we will provide exciting new features and support even more coins.

What makes Evonax.com unique?

  • The world’s most user-friendly crypto coin exchange service.
  • Does not require any registration or user profile.
  • Exchanges are made in total anonymity.
  • Customers can easily exchange Bitcoins, Namecoins, Dogecoins, Litecoins and Peercoins and many more in the future.
  • Makes it possible for people to pay with other coins on websites with Bitcoin as the only payment option.
  • Exchanges are made instantly.
  • An open company profile so people know who we are.

For more information contact:

Poul Thyregod

Poul Thyregod
Founder & CEO
Email: pt@evonax.com
Website: Evonax.com