Bitcoin Infrastructure Bang - Crypto Mining’s Journey to the Data Centre

April 15, 2019 Quick read

What once took birth in server rooms and garages; Bitcoin mining now finally finds its rightful place in the cloud and data centres.

The traditional data centre providers rejoice at this huge prospect but surprisingly they are not the only ones at the positive side of profitability. The development will also pave a fine pathway for a new league of entrepreneurs who have long gone unnoticed in the Bitcoin community.

Emmanuel Abiodun, the Founder and CEO of CloudHashing, owns a powerhouse of Bitcoin mining and runs a server haven in Iceland where electricity is more affordable and mining in general is more cost-effective states that scaling will happen but you need to have a data centre for that. Abiodun’s story with CloudHashing conceals the bigger picture i.e. one of the relatively less popular terms in the crypto world, the Bitcoin network.

The world knows Bitcoin. Every crypto enthusiast cannot wait to partake in an Online Bitcoin Exchange. But few are aware of the underlying innovations in the crypto market.

In the past five years, the Bitcoin network that was being backed by solid computing power has rocketed to massive heights – A highly potent network has resulted out of this encompassing the world and all in all breathing life into a supercomputer. People who have been invested in Bitcoin mining that essentially means a technology that employs computers using data-crunching applications to earn the issuance of a virtual currency are now on the lookout for more forceful hardware that could save their wallets from that heavy electricity bill.

The Numerous Potentials That Lie Ahead For the Data Centre Industry

The expansion of large data centres will mark the advancement of immense economies which will in return propel production and operating capabilities to touch a whole new level of viable profitability.

The economic development of the Bitcoin infrastructure further renders enticing potentials that lie ahead for the data centre sector. Modern mining activities take major inspiration from the harbingers of data technology that involved computing capacity abilities to comply and be powered using less electricity for remote areas generally known as hyperscale computing. Although, the Bitcoin network is far spread, quite a few are not concerned with traditional data centres but rather thrive on the concept of utilizing high-density hardware.

Deducing data centre industry metrics, the stand-out observation indicated that Bitcoin infrastructure needed to be energy efficacious.

The recent studies have accounted that the Bitcoin network spread globally use upto $25 million to $30 million for electricity alone in a day. Abiodun believes that what can be understood from these studies is that energy is integral for Bitcoin mining as power is what drives the overall market cap of Bitcoin.

·       Custom Hardware Development

The monopoly of data centres and their development is enormous; the money that goes into it has placed restrictions on a lot of miners to make the most out of it. Custom proficiencies appeared to have a long shot at being undertaken by Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

However, the quest to scout robust machines that could stand the extensive data mining functions have observed a steady growth for customized silicon ASICs that were the result of multiple risks averted during the development of competent hardwares and softwares. Keeping a low budget in mind, the users who played a role in this laid out strong business plans and took the courageous decision of inventing costly chips from seriously low funding.

·       The Underlying Risks of Bankruptcy

Businesses that come with a genius idea tend to move at a rapid rate where the crypto market is a minefield of "risky" schemes so it is difficult to determine if any rules will disrupt the destiny of Bitcoin. However, one thing is clear - Data centre operators have finally started to take notice.

And although it is too soon to jump to any conclusions, it's a fact that the Bitcoin industry has a necessity of power and the cooling system it requires for some extensive mining actions.

Everyone associated with data centres and Bitcoin mining cite the million possibilities Bitcoin's industry can withhold just like every other industry with similar elevated power needs. The only challenge that lies ahead for a Bitcoin business is that it's extremely hard getting a bank to simply believe in their vision.

Every CryptoCurrency Exchange will continue to progress, investors will find their grip and hardware integration will see a deafening rise resulting in a complete Bitcoin infrastructure bang!